01 July 2021, 00:00 - 31 December 2021, 00:00

Sept visions prospectives pour le Grand Genève

Consultez en ligne la publication sur les travaux des 7 équipes de la Consultation du Grand Genève.
04 March 2021, 17:30 - 20:00

Dessiner la transition du Grand Genève | Les réseaux et l’énergie

2e conférence du cycle consacré au Grand Genève, avec les équipes de la Consultation.
04 February 2021, 17:30 - 19:30

Dessiner la transition du Grand Genève | Le sol comme base de projet commun

Session #1 du cycle de conférences, avec Paola VIGANÒ et Florian HERTWECK
04 February 2021, 17:00 - 06 May 2021, 19:30

Cycle de conférences | Dessiner la transition du Grand Genève

Programme de la série de conférences Dessiner la Transition 2021
02 February 2021, 19:30 - 30 April 2021, 00:00

La ville durable – Sept visions pour le Grand Genève

Documentaire sur la Consultation du Grand Genève, mardi 2 février 2021 à 19h30 sur Léman Bleu.
10 December 2020, 17:00 - 31 July 2021, 00:00

TEDx Countdown | The Architecture of Transition

Les vidéos sont en ligne! Retrouvez les conférences TEDx Countdown de la FBA avec les équipes du Grand Genève.
10 November 2020 - 31 December 2020

Are we ready for the tran­si­tion? – Espazium/Tracés, 10.11.2020

Article on the Greater Geneva Consultation: How to conceive the border area of the Greater Geneva in the Anthropocene era? The seven multidisciplinary teams involved in the consultation responded with one voice: by radically changing our approach to the territory, our way of thinking and our tools. But are we capable of it?
24 September 2020 - 31 December 2020

The future of the Greater Geneva. Seven ecological transition scenarios

Final presentation of the Greater Geneva Consultation.
03 July 2019, 18:00 - 21:00

Explore: round table around the Greater Geneva Consultation

Round table presentation to the Geneva public of the “Prospective Visions for Greater Geneva. To inhabit the landscape city of the 21st century” Consultation. With the 7 selected teams. Moderation:... LIRE PLUS
03 July 2019, 09:00 - 17:00

2nd intermediary dialogue

During this day, the 7 teams of the Consultation on the Greater Geneva met the experts for the second time. After a brief presentation of their projects to all the... LIRE PLUS
25 May 2019, 10:00 - 16:45

Presentation at the Milan Triennial 2019

MILANO ARCH WEEK 2019 – TRIENNALE MILANO Milano Arch Week is a week of lectures, conversations, workshops and itineraries on the main challenges of contemporary urban transformations. Milano Arch Week... LIRE PLUS
13 December 2018, 15:20

Interview of the 2 team during the 1st coordination seminar – Radio Cité Genève, 11/12/2018

  Interview with two teams by Radio Cité Genève during the 1st Coordination seminar of the Greater Geneva Consultation: Resource Regions and On soil and work.
11 December 2018, 09:00 - 17:30

1st coordination seminar

Public presentation of the 7 teams   The 1st Coordination seminar was held on the 11th of December 2018 at the Sicli Pavilion, organised by the Braillard Architects Foundation and... LIRE PLUS