2nd intermediary dialogue

03 July 2019, 09:00 - 17:00   —  
Consultation Greater Geneva
— Séminaires

During this day, the 7 teams of the Consultation on the Greater Geneva met the experts for the second time. After a brief presentation of their projects to all the guests, they gave in-depth answers to the questions of three panels of experts during round tables. After this intense day organised at the sports complex of Collonges-sous-Salève on the French side, the teams and experts were invited to the Explore Geneva event on the Pont de la Machine in Geneva for a final round table in the presence of the Geneva public.

In order to broaden the representation of cross-border and interdisciplinary bodies, the partners of the Consultation on the Greater Geneva wished to broaden panel of experts, notably by inviting personalities from the GLCT and the agglomeration forum.

The following were present during the round tables with the teams:

  • Myriam Constantin, Agglomeration forum of the Greater Geneva
  • Anna-Karina Kolb, Head of the external affairs department in the State of Geneva
  • Martine Roset, Ecological transition, Greater Geneva
  • Séverine Hennequin, CEVA interface
  • Pierre Philippe, Head of environmental impact assessment sector, SERMA
  • Emmanuel Ansaldi, Scientific assistant, general directorate of agriculture, Geneva
  • Matthieu Iglesias, Urbanism, Geneva
  • Hervé Villard, “Positive energy territory” project coordinator, France
  • Xavier Dupasquier, Head of the service of Land Use Planning and Observatory in the Department of Ain, France
  • Lionel Pelud, Metropolitan pole of French Geneva
  • Christelle Pralong, Strategic planning, project management & multilingual communication
  • Olivier Dufour, Vice president of the Agglomeration forum of the GLCT Greater Geneva
  • Sylvie Cornut, Urban planner, State of Vaud
  • Vincent Delabrière, Director of urban development at the Office de l’urbanisme, State of Geneva
  • Ingrid Carini, Urbanism, Geneva
  • Jean-Pascal Gillig, Regional secretary – WWF Geneva
  • Xavier De Rivaz, City of Geneva
  • Joël Vetter, Mobility, Geneva
  • Charlotte Le Gouic, Urbanism, France
  • Ludovic Antoine, Mobility, France
  • Patrik Fouvy, Director of landscape and forests, Cantonal Office for Agriculture and Nature (OCAN)
  • Bérangère Combre, Haute-Savoie departmental council
  • Hervé Fauvain, Transition, France
  • Laure Fabiani, Mobility, France
  • Héloise Candolfi, Executive assistant – Cantonal Office for Agriculture and Nature, Geneva
  • Caroline Barbisch, Interface, CEVA
  • Brigitte Bettu, Departmental council of Ain
  • Thomas Linchet, Project coordinator at the Metropolitan Pole of the French Geneva
  • François Guisan, Sustainable Development integrator at Implenia Switzerland
  • Cédric Petitjean, Direction of energy efficiency operations at the cantonal energy office – Department of housing and energy planning