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Transition Workshop 2022: Applications are open!

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In order to answer all your questions, we are organizing a series of Info Sessions.

The upcoming Transition Workshop 2022 info session will introduce potential candidates to the overall concept of the training, both in its theoretical scope and in its practical dynamics. You will get to know our dedicated team, the great workplaces, elements of the strategic foresight method and the design theme emanating from the study site and its stakeholders.


Wednesday 26th January 2022 | 1 - 2 pm

26th January 2022

1 -2 pm
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Thursday 3rd February 2022 | 1 -2 pm

3rd February 2022

1 - 2 pm
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Join the first intensive and interdisciplinary online training course on the ecological transition of cities !

For the second time, the Transition Workshop combines two complementary modules:

  • A Theory Masterclass with the latest theoretical advances and the most recent data on the transition
  • An innovative and concrete Design Workshop on-site, in collaboration with the Canton of Geneva


The transition is now!

Cities, territories, students, citizens: all are committed to a change in lifestyles, production, mobility, energy and communication to face the climate emergency. Among them, architects, urban planners, engineers, administrators as well as companies aspire to a new future project for the 21st century.

This is why the Fondation Braillard Architectes and its partners are launching the 3rd Transition Workshop to help the new generation understand the scale and methods of the ecological transition, in order to face the challenges to come.

The Transition Workshop 2022 offers a new educational framework aimed at accelerating the transition of cities through design and planning projects. This interdisciplinary course aims to make city professionals aware of sustainable development, develop and transmit design tools and methods for resilient cities, and equip a new generation of professionals to face the climate emergency.

This year’s Transition Workshop focuses on the critical issues of Geneva’s changing landscape.

The ecological transition requires a new approach to the planning and design of time-space sequences. Nature, culture(s) and habitat(s) are emerging as powerful vectors for decarbonisation and resilience of cities and the countryside.


To best meet these challenges, we offer:
  • Theory Masterclass (from March 10th through July 7th)
    In a new format spread over time, this online course offers a concise introduction to the challenges of transition through 4 themes, taught by 20 renowned experts in various fields ranging from urban planning to psychology and engineering. Classes will be live but videos will be available in case of absence.
  • Design Workshop (July 11th through 22nd)
    Based in Geneva, an international and cross-border metropolis sensitive to environmental issues, the TW22 offers candidates to work as a team on a real site, in collaboration with Geneva’s Canton Department of territory.
    The chosen location will be revealed during the January and February Info Sessions!


For students, professionals, politicians and local actors interested in the ecological transition of cities.

Find all the application information and module prices on the link below.

If you have any questions, please contact us!