Under the same roof

20 March 2019, 10:00 - 31 October 2019, 18:00   —  

Interview with Panos Mantziaras for Radio Cité about the exhibition.

Work published by the Geneva Canton, following the exhibition: Heritage and architecture – Rooftops and shelter.

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Finding shelter. One of the founding acts of human beings is to seek shelter. The initial natural solutions – caves and other cavities – quickly evolved thanks to the inexhaustible inventiveness of the homo faber, to lead to constructive rooftops, first vernacular then learned. Furthermore, if the roofer has always valiantly manufactured the material protection of the building and its inhabitants, he has above all discovered an inexhaustible field for the expression of aesthetic, cultural and even identity values.

It is thus, and thanks to technological innovations, social interaction and environmental awareness, that contemporary roofs express the promising horizons of our ecological transition: from protectors, they developed into receptors welcoming sun, water, wind, fauna and flora. Better yet, they become producers of energy, food, recreation and social dynamics. Happy paradox! On the roofs of our buildings, it becomes unequivocally evident that we live, all together, under the same Roof: that of our Earthly destiny.

Through this eclectic, educational and necessarily incomplete exhibition, combining in an immersive way images, drawings and models, the Berges de Vessy Association and its partners invite the public to explore the tremendous adventure of Roofs through Geneva, Switzerland and the world.

The Berges de Vessy Association invites you to travel from the past to the future via the present of this great human invention called “the roof”. Exploratory, eclectic, recreational and educational exhibition.

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