Design the transition III | The ground and its values

27 February 2020, 16:00 - 18:00   —  
The Eco-Century Project®
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Keynote speaker

The decarbonised city: back to Earth, back to the earth”

Guillaume FABUREL, Professor, University Lumière Lyon 2, UMR Triangle

The metropolitan urban regime could be characterised by a growing dematerialisation of economies. However, it should be noted that it also stands out through an increasing artificialisation of living spaces and an augmenting extractivism in the peripheries. All this for the benefit of the growth of metropolitan polarities through surplus of targeted densities, within the framework of a globalised urban competition. Here are some prominent ecological features of the Capitalocene, in its neoliberal stage.
Nevertheless, between the productivist rebound of large metropolitan developments, but also (another side of the same face) the often endless development of the urban sprawl and (as a response sometimes) the renewed interest in settling in market towns, villages and hamlets, our connection both to the Earth and to the land are being fairly fundamentally reconsidered, under the aegis of land use. This is not without questioning their use and its social values.
For a long time a functional support for construction, food or even communication (having inherited the instrumental rationality of the building madness), soils today have other uses, to the point of increasingly asserting themselves as the symbolic and practical melting pot of reconsidered forms of co-habitation with the living. This could represent the stages of the famous ecological transition towards the decarbonisation of cities, under the aegis of ecological scarcity, economic frugality or even the sobriety of lifestyles.
However, between existential, social and political ecology, the first step will be to deconstruct some fantasies and beliefs about the unlimited and its excessiveness, as well as some social behaviours and professional practices of abundance and opulence, to then reconsider other social cultures of the earth and thus our own living on this Earth, on the basis of autonomy (of land management and property regimes, for example).


Geneva Case

“Good use of land: land policy and development zones in the Canton of Geneva”

Vinh DAO, architect, Director of planning and land operations (Department of Territory, Canton of Geneva)


Brussels Case

“Vlaamse Rand: from grey to green in the periurban fringe around Brussels”

Luc Van der ELST, programme coordinator and project manager, VLAAMSE LANDMAATSCHAPPIJ



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