The great crossing: in search of singular ecologies

Franck Hulliard

exploration – singular ecologies – territorial crossing – collection of initiatives – collaborative card


The team led by Franck Hulliard offers to enter through the theme of “singular ecologies”, namely those that shape the territory of the Greater Geneva (social and cultural history, physical and human geography). It proposes to qualify them through exploratory walks, discussion tables, collaborative maps and stories. This prospective research will be carried out on the assumption that there has been a long-standing culture of circularity, consultation and cooperation in the Franco-Valdo-Geneva region. The team plans to identify the emerging places / networks / processes characteristic of this culture and activate them to imagine the shape that Geneva’s ecosystems could take with regard to climate and societal changes.



  • Franck Hulliard, architect, urban planner – INterland
  • Nicolas Tixier, architect, professor – Bazar Urbain
  • Charles Ambrosino, urban planner – Bazar Urbain
  • Pascal Amphoux, architect, geographer – Contrepoint
  • Miguel Georgieff, landscaper – Coloco
  • Benoît Molineaux, Dr. in physics – Coopérative Équilibre
  • Michel Lussault, geographer – Lyon urban school


Invited expert


  • Gilles Clément, horticultural engineer




  • Albin Lépine, architect, ENSA Clermont-Ferrand – INterland
  • Alizée Moreux, architect, ENSA Paris-la-Villette – INterland
  • Adrián Torres Astaburuaga, architect – Lyon Urban School
  • Valérie Disdier, urban planner – Lyon urban school
  • Uli Amos, architect – Coopérative Équilibre
  • Pauline Dayer, environmental engineer – Coopérative Équilibre