On soil and work: The transition, a new biopolitical project

Paola Viganò, Pascal Boivin, Walter Stahel, Vincent Kaufmann, Luca Pattaroni, Corentin Fivet, Olivier Crevoisier, Jonathan Normand

spatial justice – circular economy – food sovereignty – city-territory – alpine Lake Geneva metropolis


Paola Viganò and the Habitat Research Center (HRC) team address the Greater Geneva and the city-territory that encompasses it through a new “biopolitical” approach of soils and work, themes rarely present in the territorial projects carried out so far. It will first be a matter of surveying the territory to build the first transitional cross-border Atlas, and then of imagining scenarios for 2050. Faced with a shortage of resources, including soil, and in this unbalanced socio-spatial context, new forms of work need to be imagined. A project where the transition is an opportunity to reinvent a communal agglomeration.



Habitat Research Center HRC, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL)
with the University of Neuchâtel, the Product-Life Institute, the Earth-Nature-Environment Institute – HEPIA – HES-SO Geneva, the University of Bern, the University of Groningen and the Catholic University of Louvain.


Team leaders


  • Prof. Paola Viganò, architect, urban planner – HRC-EPFL – LAB-U
  • Prof. Vincent Kaufmann, urban sociology and mobility analysis professor – HRC-EPFL – LASUR
  • Dr. Roberto Sega, architect, urban planner – team coordinator for the Greater Geneva – HRC-EPFL
  • Prof. Pascal Boivin, agricultural engineer – HEPIA–HES-SO Genève
  • Prof. Olivier Crevoisier, territorial economy professor – University of Neuchâtel




  • Prof. Alexandre Buttler, HRC-EPFL – ECOS
  • MER. Luca Pattaroni, HRC-EPFL – LASUR
  • Ass. Prof. Corentin Fivet, HRC-EPFL – SXL
  • Dr. Martina Barcelloni Corte, scientific collaborator – HRC-EPFL
  • Dr. Shin A. Koseki, researcher – HRC-EPFL
  • Dr. Matthew Skjonsberg, architect – HRC-EPFL
  • Dr. Thomas Guillaume, scientific collaborator – HRC-EPFL
  • Dr. Qinyi Zhang, scientific collaborator – HRC-EPFL
  • Marine Durand, assistant – HRC-EPFL
  • Tommaso Pietropolli, assistant doctoral student – HRC-EPFL
  • Irène Desmarais, architect – HRC-EPFL
  • Eloy Llevat Soy, assistant doctoral student – Polito – HRC-EPFL