Transition Workshop 2021

Roadmaps for resilient decarbonizing cities


Call for candidates: session 12-23 july 2021, Geneva

Informations soon.



The Braillard Architects Foundation (FBA), its partners and collaborative entities have launched in 2020 the first international workshop aimed at promoting professional interactions and understanding the scale and methods of the ecological transition of cities, in the face of the climate emergency.

The Transition Workshop 2020 has offered, in a Masterclass mode, real-time engagement in the planning processes of the Greater Geneva — one of the most advanced and innovative urban areas worldwide. Together with internationally renowned experts and regional decision-makers, participants have explored methods, tools and procedures to fast-forward the urban transition towards decarbonized cities.



The ecological transition is now.

Cities, territories and citizens are committed to a change in lifestyle, energy, production, mobility and communication.

Architects, urban planners, administrators, businesses and the general public are demanding a new educational and professionnal project for the future of the 21st century. A new generation of motivated and trained professionals will act as a collective agent of change, to support and inspire the movement towards sustainable development of places, communities, cities and regions.

It is imperative to develop a new cycle of knowledge and know-how to create and accelerate the projects of the ecological transition. Cities and territories need to develop a new negative-emissions project in terms of space, society and aesthetics, as a global and local existential challenge. Scientific data designate the combat against global warming as the prevailing scope of our generation. It demands that negative-emission action agendas be completed or largely implemented before or by 2030. It is time for architects, urban planners and decision-makers to imagine, build and play their own role in this magnificent challenge — humanity’s greatest challenge.



The Workshop/Masterclass presents a new educational framework devised to accelerate the transition of cities led by a new generation of architects, designers and decision-makers.

The interdisciplinary innovative courses call for ambitious and conscious citizens and professionals, ready to engage in the construction of a sustainable future.

The Transition Workshop is set to:

  • Raise awareness in sustainable architecture, urbanism and landscape architecture;
  • Foster and transmit design tools and methods for resilient buildings and cities in the wake of climate emergency;
  • Empower a new generation of space designers (practitioners, public administrators, decision makers) with the capacities to build, rehabilitate, preserve, reuse whilst protecting the environment.



The challenge is global – and the action agendas are local, in the here and now. We focus on a site in central Geneva, as means to engage the future of the Greater Geneva and its wider region. We work within the practical framework of the urban area and embrace all major regional agents, players and constituent institutions. We do it so reflectively, and impart methods to be applied in any real setting, circumstances and environment.



Ours is a vision of a climate resilient, non polluting urban realm contributing to stabilise the global climate. Our vision is a long-standing and proud one: to re-establish/reinvent a leading, informed and caring role for architects, urban designers, planners and key expert and multidisciplinary professionals and researchers. This in turn will help avoid the ecological collapse of our urban civilisation. Our outcomes are informed and advanced planners and designers, new and practical solutions – and a wholly new way of engaging design, planning and development processes to safeguard a habitable planet Earth.



The Transition Workshop creates an innovative educational framework to accelerate the transition of cities thanks to a new generation of architects, designers and decision makers.

  • Transition Workshop and Masterclass is designed as part of the research and culture program The Eco-Century Project® which calls for a radical renewal of principles, methods, theories, and frameworks to face the environmental urgency.
  • It achieves the Sustainable Development goals set by the United Nations.
  • Greater Geneva is an ideal setting for the study of environmental action through the architectural, urban and landscape project.
  • The Programme is developed in the excellent educational setting of the Leman lake.
  • An important network of private and public partners patrons and curates the Workshop.
  • The Transition Workshop and Masterclass is structured as a Strategic Planning Project, based on cooperative, outcome oriented methods  applying state of the art design and planning.