Design the transition, now! #3

Territorial and corporate responsibility: the economy in the face of the social and ecological transition
28 May 2020, 17:00 - 19:00   —  
The Eco-Century Project®
— Conferences
— Debates

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As part of the Design the Transition, now series, the Braillard Architects Foundation, Metrolab.Brussels and LASUR/EPFL invite you to attend the presentations by Marthe Nyssens, Jonathan Normand and Patrick Bouchain, to explore the social and economic dimension of the transition, through the prism of solidarity territories.

At the partial and differential lifting of lockdown, the social damage caused by the sudden cessation of most activities around the world is still being measured. We also find ourselves in the midst of two contradictory trends: one which demands a rapid return to business as usual, and the other which suggests taking the opportunity of the downturn induced by the crisis to consider or even initiate a reorientation of our modes of production and life with a view to ensuring the transition toward a more sustainable world. The latter attributes a particular weight to the role of work, businesses and the economy in general to make territories more united, less resource intensive and more conducive to happiness. A series of questions therefore emerge, urgently:

  • A fundamental and ancestral element of human activity, is business compatible with the sustainable development of our societies?
  • If so, what rights and responsibilities will it have to assume in the context of the ecological transition? If not, what can it be replaced with?
  • How and to what extent will future inhabited territories have to welcome, mould and allow themselves to be shaped by the economy, at all scales and forms of production (from goods to services, from land to the financialised economy)?


  • Marthe Nyssens
    Economist, full professor at the Catholic University of Louvain (CULouvain), specialist in the social and solidarity economy and social enterprises in connection with public policies, the market and civil society.
  • Jonathan Normand
    Co-founder and Director of B Lab (Switzerland) / BCorp, President of the Association Demain Genève, Member of the Board of Sustainable Finance Geneva, expert in international finance and inclusive growth.
  • Patrick Bouchain
    Architect, urban planner, project manager and scenographer, pioneer of collaborative methods and the redevelopment of industrial sites into cultural spaces, Grand Prize for Urban Planning 2019.


  • Bernard Declève, full professor, Faculty of Architecture, Architectural Engineering and Urban Planning, CULouvain
  • Roselyne de Lestrange, lecturer and researcher, Metrolab Brussels, LOCI/CULouvain
  • Vincent Kaufmann, vice-dean for education and knowledge transfer ENAC/EPFL, associate professor at the Laboratory of Urban Sociology (LASUR)
  • Luca Pattaroni, teaching and research master, Laboratory of Urban Sociology (LASUR) ENAC/EPFL

Panos Mantziaras, Braillard Architects Foundation