Design the transition, now! #2

Ecosystems, density, mobility, sociability: what changes in our lifestyles does the pandemic crisis suggest?
23 April 2020, 17:00 - 28 May 2020, 00:00   —  
The Eco-Century Project®
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Following the first virtual gathering called Transition and pandemic, a logical development?, the second session of Design the transition, now! invites the public to explore the spatial, social and environmental dimensions of our urban future.


  • its ecological imperatives, both quantitative and qualitative;
  • its social red lines, including economic and political;
  • its urban variants: densities, constructive cultures, functionalities, aesthetics;
  • its alternatives for mobility, productivity and consumption.



  • Sylvain Ferretti, Secretary-General of the Office of Urbanism, Department of Territory, Republic and Canton of Geneva.
  • Albert Lévy, architect urban planner, doctor in urban studies Paris VIII, former CNRS researcher, former professor in Geneva (EAUG), Paris (IFU/Paris VIII), associate researcher at LAVUE laboratory UMR CNRS 7218, Environment Health Network administrator. Author of the book “Ville, urbanisme, santé: les trois révolutions” (City, town planning, health: the three revolutions).



  • Marcellin Barthassat, architect and urban planner, member of the Cantonal Town Planning Commission in Geneva.
  • Catherine Fierens, Brussels environment, coordinator of the BoerensBruxselPaysans project.
  • Nathalie Roseau, École des Ponts ParisTech, LATTS, Associate professor at the École des Ponts ParisTech, Director of the Techniques, Territories and Societies Laboratory (CNRS, ENPC, UGE).

Moderation: Panos Mantziaras, director of the Braillard Architects Foundation.


Steering committee

  • Bernard Declève, Catholic University of Louvain
  • Roselyne de Lestrange, Metrolab Brussels
  • Vincent Kaufmann, EPFL/LASUR
  • Luca Pattaroni, EPFL/LASUR
  • Panos Mantziaras, FBA