Design the transition III | 2°: societies facing climate change

23 January 2020, 16:00 - 18:00   —  
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1st session of the Drawing the Transition III conference series, with:

Edwin ZACCAI, doctor in environmental sciences, physical engineer and graduate in philosophy.
Full professor at the Free University of Brussels.
Director of the Center for Sustainable Development Studies (CEDD).

Author of the book “Two Degrees”, Les Presses de Science Po, 2019

Two degrees: societies facing climate change

Keeping global warming below 2 °C is the goal solemnly endorsed by governments around the world. It doesn’t seem like much, but it’s huge; besides, it is almost certain that this objective will not be achieved. The reason for this incapacity is our triple dependence (technical, economic, cultural) on fossil fuels, which constitute a base that is as diffuse as it is powerful in our society. Town planning is a determining lever for this situation of dependence. As it is currently developing, it continues – despite some innovations – to adopt a consumption pattern based on fossil fuels. Science tells us that at this rate, the worst is to be feared. That however does not induce an individual avoidance. To get out of the current impossibility of radically changing our ways of life and organisation, what could be realistic adaptation and reform actions to collectively face the challenge of reducing carbon emissions linked to human activities and prepare for a less gloomy future?

Simultaneous conference between Brussels and Geneva.

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Location: WIPO, 34 chemin des Colombettes