Exhibition | Human Urgency

Moving and living
09 March 2018, 10:00 - 31 October 2018, 18:00   —  
The Eco-Century Project®
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Until October 31st – Free access

Les Berges de Vessy, 49 route de Vessy, 1234 Vessy


A round table called Human Urgency and Human Value took place in parallel with the exhibition.

While the Swiss Red Cross takes us to destinations where disaster prevention and aid to the population are vital, the Braillard Architects Foundation presents the theme of emergency shelters, essential survival points for displaced people in situations of humanitarian emergency, from ancient history to contemporary times. Vanna Karamaounas, for her part, raised questions on migration and exodus through a series of photographs called “Exo Mattresses”, which presents the mattress as a witness to human activity and its movements.


Emergency architecture | by the Braillard Architects Foundation


The extreme situations that force many populations to move urgently are more frequent than ever. Armed conflicts, natural disasters and climate change on the one hand, but also urban densification and the dilapidation of many high-risk infrastructures require emergency measures to relieve populations in distress.

Beyond the debate that these movements provoke due to the growing tensions linked to the issue of immigration, the reception and integration of refugees pose concrete challenges for the countries of destination. Land, urban spaces or simply built structures are constructed or made available for displaced families in order to rapidly meet their needs for housing and health, education, assembly and worship infrastructure.

The complexity of the situation and the dynamics of displaced communities spontaneously lay the foundations for collective space by responding to a set of parameters covering a complex range of needs. Member of the Berges de Vessy Association, the Braillard Architects Foundation presents, as part of its research and culture programme The Eco-Century Project®, a small historical and contemporary panorama of humanitarian emergencies related to construction, first and essential point of survival, but also the basis of human dignity.


Emergency shelters


Film screened during the exhibition showing the presentations at the Geneva Seminars 2016 and 2017 of the workshop offered at the School of Engineering, Architecture and Landscape, as well as three students’ works.