Design the transition – the book

Devices for an ecological metropolis
10 September 2020 - 01 December 2020   —  
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Design the transition

Devices for an ecological metropolis

Scientific directors:
Bernard Declève, Roselyne de Lestrange, Hélène Gallezot, Panos Mantziaras
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Date of publication: 10.09.2020
Format: 17 x 14 cm
280 pages
ISBN: 978-2-940563-66-1


The disciplines of space transformation are at the forefront of guiding our societies, cities and territories on the path of a carbon-free metabolism and a global ecological footprint that does not exceed the capacity for renewing planetary resources. This transition, a dynamic involving a fundamental reconsideration of our lifestyles, now constitutes the primary purpose of the architectural, urban and landscaping project. Which socio-spatial devices, processes, systems, scales, temporalities, metrics and values must the latter recompose or reinvent?
To design new guidelines for the transition is the goal that drives this book, resulting from a fertile and imaginative cooperation between the Braillard Architects Foundation of Geneva and Metrolab Brussels.

With the participation of Marcellin Barthassat, Rémi Baudouï, Dominique Bourg, Benjamin Cadranel, Djemâa Chraiti, Elena Cogato Lanza, Thomas Dawance, Nicolas Dendoncker, Jean-Philippe De Visscher, Sylvain Ferretti, Frédéric Josselin, François Lohest, Aniss M. Mezoued, Séverine Pastor, Jean-Philippe Peemans, Paola Viganò and Marine Villaret.


Table of contents


  • The Gazette – Hélène Gallezot


  • Ecological transition through architectural, urban and landscaping projects – Panos Mantziaras
  • Competition of writings – Dominique Bourg

Movement 1 – New mobility

  • Why No Car? Designing the city differently – Paola Viganò
  • Urbanism and mobility. New solutions – Sylvain Ferretti, Séverine Pastor
  • From pedestrian area to urban project in Brussels. Tools and methods of mobility transition – Aniss M- Mezoued, Jean-Philippe De Visscher

Movement 2 – Transition through food

  • The ecosystem services approach. A lever for urban agriculture? – Nicolas Dendoncker
  • Metropolitan agriculture. The metropolis as a resource for the design of food security – Elena Cogato Lanza, Marine Villaret
  • Food transition in Brussels. A critical sketch – François Lohest

Movement 3 – The work-territory relationship

  • Which transition for which development? – Jean-Philippe Peemans
  • Employment, training and territoriality for a sustainable Greater Geneva. The case of the Cité des métiers – Djemâa Chraïti
  • Production in the city to build the city – Benjamin Cadranel


  • Seeing or the meaning of design – Marcellin Barthassat, Panos Mantziaras

Movement 4 – Transition in the world of players

  • Adaptation to climate change. Players, governance, ecological transition – Rémi Baudouï
  • The Community Land Trust. Building the city on common land – Thomas Dawance
  • Geneva and governance at a time of ecological transition – Frédéric Josselin


  • Transition Mix. Polyphonic story in one design and 1000 shapes – Bernard Declève
  • Design the transition. An epistemological question – Roselyne de Lestrange




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