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New strategies for change in the prism of the pandemic crisis
30 avril 2020, 17:00 - 01 juin 2020, 00:00   —  
The Eco-Century Project®
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The overwhelming effects of the coronavirus crisis on humanity prove how vulnerable and fragile we are in our minds, bodies, social networks and institutions.
By locking down our habits and lifestyles, the crisis reminds us the fundamental challenges of the ecological transition: fight climate change, protect the biosphere and guarantee the fundamental human rights — health, education, housing.
Indeed, the environmental side-effects of the pandemics were advertised as good news, with CO2 emissions and other indicators considerably plummeting. But, is this truly so in the long term ? How will the environmental emergency be kept from going back to “business as usual” for States, economies and everyday life? What should be done in order to definitely escape the downward spiral and give a change to planet Earth? In what sense does Covid-19 offer an opportunity?


The Braillard Foundation for Architecture, Geneva, invites the public to its online Geneva Debates in the framework of The Eco-Century Project® with:





  • Robert SADLEIR (Economist, former UN Humanitarian worker UNHCR, ISO Smart Cities and Sustainable Communities)
  • Pr. Peter DROEGE (Director, Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development, president EUROSOLAR European Association for Renewable Energy)

Host: Dr. Panos Mantziaras ( Braillard Architectes Foundation )


Let’s make ecological transition happen in the 21st century.

Watch the debate launch video: