Transition Workshop session 2020


The Braillard Architectes Foundation organized, as part of its research and culture program The Eco-Century Project ® and in partnership with the Office de l’urbanisme du Canton de Genève, EPFL, the Geneva Industrial Services (SIG) and the City of Geneva, the first edition of the Transition Workshops, from July 13 to 24, 2020. The Transition Workshop 2020 is part of the global movement consolidated by the Paris agreements in 2015 in favor of a rapid and complete ecological transition, as the only one way to avoid an ecological, economic and social catastrophe. The cornerstone of this project is the city and more generally the city.

The main objectives of the Transition Workshop 2020 are based on the three pillars of sustainable development, namely the environment, the social aspect and the economy. The 2020 edition proposed a prospective analysis of the Marronniers site, within the municipality of Grand-Saconnex, as a specific case study to contribute to the constitution of a series of qualitative and quantitative specifications in the service of urban strategy. of the canton. This site is part of the dynamics of the important Grand-Saconnex project, in the evolution of the southern sector of Geneva international airport, whose terminal and train station are located less than 2 kilometers away, with the development of new housing in a well-served sector, a social and cultural dynamic of the municipality, a development of the network of soft mobility and a requalification of structuring public spaces, the enhancement of the landscape and improvement of the environment, and the enhancement and integration of existing heritage entities within and around the perimeter.

The Transition Workshop 2020 explored the possibility of reverse planning and design, based on a methodological framework of quantitative and qualitative extrapolation. The results of the following teamwork consisted of one or more experimental devices for the transition project, expressed through drawing, storytelling, dialogue, and conceptual and technical diagrams. The participants in the Transition Workshop 2020 were thus brought to cross their views with the tutors, the services of the Canton, the external guests, to develop an increased awareness of transitional issues and a personal methodology based on a shared and evolving understanding of the environmental emergency. . Four themes were explored by the four interdisciplinary teams.




The soil as an active agent of the transition

Transition Workshop 2020 | Équipe 1: Maureen Certain, Alizée Bonnel, Pascal Michel et Marine Villaret.

Reducing the footprint together: The ecological transition of the built world

Transition Workshop 2020 | Équipe 2: Alexandra Saranti, Giovanna Ronconi, Sarah Schalles et Thiébaut Parent

The space of mobile sobriety

Transition Workshop 2020 | Équipe 3: Nathalie Fanzy, Pauline Hosotte, Eliane Schwander-Gonçalves et Prisca Vythelingum

Decarbonisation laboratory: Participation as a project process

Transition Workshop 2020 | Équipe 4: Sabrina Helle-Russo, Julie Martin, Marcella Francelina Viera Camargo et Gwenaëlle Zunino




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