• Theory Masterclass, online, from March 10th to July 7th, 2022 (usually 1 to 2 classes per week )
  • Design Studio (case study), on-site, from July 11th to July 22nd, 2022



To make your application, send us before March 4th your portfolio with the following documents:

  1. Copy (scan) of your Identity document
  2. Copy (scan) of your Accreditations/academic and professional qualifications
  3. Updated CV
  4. A cover letter of up to 500 words containing your understanding of the urgency of the ecological transition, your professional involvement and your personal perspectives
  5. Specify if you want to follow the entire workshop, or only follow the Theory Masterclass or the Design Studio (case study).

If you wish to follow only certain courses of the Masterclass, please contact us at transitionworkshop@braillard.ch for a personalized follow-up.



Non-exhaustive list. The transition workshop aims at transdisciplinarity.

  • Professionals
    • in the field: Architects, urban planners, landscapers, environmental engineers, civil engineers, city and regional planning professionals, looking for tools and methods of requalification on the horizon of ecological transition.
    • researchers: in architecture, urban planning, landscaping; sciences and in building techniques of the city and the territory; in Humanities and Social Sciences.
    • of the public sector: Public, city and regional administrators, politicians, associations, private companies preparing for decision-making processes and the executive environment of the 21st century.
    • citizens: Individuals and organizations of civil society.
  • Students
    • doctoral students: in architecture, urban planning, heritage preservation, urban studies, political studies and environmental studies wishing to qualify their degrees in view of entering the professional sphere of the ecological transition.
    • masters: in architecture, town planning, landscaping and environmental sciences.



  • Sensitivity and motivation with regard to the ecological transition
  • Perfectly bilingual (English / French)
  • A taste for teamwork
  • Technical inventiveness, spirit of initiative and criticism



EPFL, with the Braillard Architects Foundation as part of the Eco-Century Project ®, grant official certification with 8 ECTS credits for participation in the Transition Workshop 2022:
  • 4 ECTS are awarded on the basis of the individual written thesis following the theoretical part,
  • 4 ECTS based on team design work after the practical part.



New prices coming

 Theory Masterclass / Coursework
Design Workshop / On site workshop
Total Workshop
Type 1
- Étudiants en Master / Master's students
- Chômeurs hors-suisse, retraités, en reconversion, associations / Unemployed (exept CH), retirees, retraining, associations
950 CHF950 CHF1'750 CHF
Type 2
- Doctorants / Ph.D.
1'200 CHF1'200 CHF2'200 CHF
Type 3
- Professionnels / Professionals
- Administrateurs / Administratives
- Académiciens / Academics
2'900 CHF2'900 CHF5'350 CHF

Unemployment Switzerland: contact us.

Masterclass tailor-made: contact us.

Accommodation and meals option: For those who wish, accommodation and meals during the stay in Geneva from July 11th to 22nd, 2022 can be reserved by the Fondation Braillard Architectes. Price upon request.



Informations and Application file to send to by email at transitionworkshop@braillard.ch