Through case studies in the Canton of Geneva and its international environment, we actively respond to the need for responsible, rapid and informed action to transform buildings and cities into sober, resilient and bio-diversified places, for life, solidarity and creativity. Design and construction methods are radically revisited in an open, collaborative and visionary way, well in the spirit of the Geneva framework.

Actors and local communities are making their study cases and knowledge available as impulses to go further towards the decarbonisation of our built framework in terms of:

  • Construction methods and materials
  • Landscape and biodiversity management
  • Production/consumption of energy and other resources
  • Infrastructure and mobility models
  • Urban lifestyles: work, leisure, production, consumption
  • Urban agriculture, permaculture and gardening
  • Citizen participation



Transition contents:

  • Theories and architectural, urban and landscape project frameworks
  • Environment and resources management
  • Economy and cities development
  • Anthropology and habitat sociology

The scales of the ecological transition project:

  • Buildings and neighbourhoods
  • Landscapes and metropolitan regions



Classes and workshops will take place in the SIG spaces.

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